Open Water Scuba Diver

Open Water Scuba Diver

This course is the most important in the sport diving . In it the student is instructed to breathe underwater and to use equipment that does not require surface .

Every 15 days we give a free introductory lecture to give more details and evacuate doubts about the course. At this meeting we discussed the schedule according to the availability and convenience of the group.

Similarly, for the tour to the beach must be the group agreed date, this may be weekend or midweek .

The course is taught to groups of at least 4 students and can teach in Water World or anywhere in the country.

Course Details

US $440
It includes
Three sessions of theory in our class at San Pedro , Montes de Oca or location have decided that students.
Complete equipment during the course. D
AN diving insurance . Diving log .
Original course book. P
ractice pool.
Two dives beach.
Boat dives.
International license.


Day 1:
Theoretical session of 9 hours, which can be divided into 3 sessions according to the availability and convenience of the group.

Day 2:
Session pool in the hotel in which we stayed . Usually it has done in the afternoon. Make practices hot water makes these more enjoyable and easy for the student.

Day 3 :
Two beach dives out of Playa Ocotal, Playas del Coco , Guanacaste. They are performed in the morning , so the student will have the afternoon free to rest or get to know other beaches.

Day 4 :
Two boat dives out of Playas del Coco, Guanacaste. We dive early in the morning as the check out is at noon generally also advise you not to leave the beach too late to avoid early dams and to be back in their homes.

Additional Information

The day after the last diving licenses are processed , they will be given up to three weeks they must be processed in the United States. If you need to dive before they get licenses , your instructor will be given a provisional license.

Once certified will be kept in the database to continue participating in the sport. Store Aquatic World Diving School conducts tours to different places inside and outside the country , among which Guanacaste , Limón , Panama , Nicaragua , Honduras , Mexico , Belize, among others.

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