Rescue Scuba Diver

Rescue Scuba Diver

The rescuer diver changes the way they see diving. Still enjoying their dives but his mind begins to focus on preventing problems, help anyone who needs assistance, be more observant in safety.

The rescuer diver at the end of this course begin to stand out as a leader among his peers. As a prerequisite must have your license CPR / First Aid day.
This particular course is helpful for the student going to be useful in the future in and out of the water and in situations Buzas Buzas or people.

During this course you teach students about self-rescue, preventing problems before and during each dive, stress, anxiety, panic, first aid, CPR, among others. They drill auto bailouts and rescues others are also performed. Learning is optimal and perfectly applicable to real situations.

In this course we can not specify its duration in the water it depends on the progress of the student. When we met for the first lesson we discussed this and other details.
The course is taught to groups of at least 4 students.

Course Details

US $420
It includes
- Original book
- Lessons at San Pedro , Montes de Oca.
- Complete equipment during the course.
- International license.


Day 1:
Class in San Pedro , Montes de Oca.

Day 2:
Class in San Pedro , Montes de Oca.

Day 3 :
tests and self- rescue , rescue another person , rescue maneuvers , CPR , etc. are performed. This class is taught in Guanacaste but the same can be given at any other beach .

Additional Information

The day after the last diving licenses are processed , they will be given up to three weeks they must be processed in the United States. If you need to dive before they get licenses , your instructor will be given a provisional license.

Once certified will be kept in the database to continue participating in the sport. Store Aquatic world Diving School conducts tours to different places inside and outside the country , among which Guanacaste , Limón , Panama , Nicaragua , Honduras , Mexico , Belize, among others.

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