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Murcielago Island (Bat Island), Santa Rosa National Park. Guanacaste, Costa Rica.

Island Murciélago It is a rocky archipelago located in the Pacific Ocean just west of Isla Colorada . It is a territory protected as part of the Santa Rosa National Park. It has a diverse variety of marine life that makes is regularly visited by tourists and divers.

The Murcielago Islands is a perfect site for scuba diving and is characterized by allowing us to see the Sharks Toro. These large and beautiful whales are harmless and give us a beautiful sight . Diving in this area is recommended from May to November.

Tour Details

Approximately 90 feet ( 25 meters)
One day from 7:00 AM to 2:00 PM
It includes
Underwater guide
Two dives
Complete team
Taxes diving


It is recommended to get to the beach the day before diving to rest.

6:00 AM: Breakfast

7:00 AM: We're heading to the diving operation to check the sizes of equipment and evacuate any doubt .

8:00 AM: We start the boat trip to Bat Island. After an hour and a half of navigation we reach the island.

9:30 AM: First dive

10:30 AM: Second dive

11:30 AM: Lunch

12:30 pm: We start the return trip to the beach

Additional Information

Diving in this area is spectacular. The color of the water and marine life is similar to Caño Island . The big difference is the type of fund , since in Caño Island are stones isolated with wildlife around in Bat Island stones emerge to the surface causing a strong current is formed in the first few feet deep. Once you saved these few feet you reach the bottom to admire the underwater wonders such as the bull shark or manta devil.

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