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Manzanillo, Limón, Costa Rica

Located within the wonderful Marine Life Refuge and Wild Gandoca - Manzanillo.

Manzanillo is located in the glorious Caribbean coast of Costa Rica to the south of Puerto Limon in Limon province . The biggest attraction of this small town is its fabulous stretch of white sandy beach , lined with palms and bathed in a soft and calm water, why the vast majority of tourists love to visit this paradise of Costa Rica .

The only reach these beaches makes us feel peace, tranquility and a deep state of relaxation. As for the diving we can see very different from the Pacific coast features.

While in the Pacific we observe a rocky bottom with fish of all types and sizes , in the Caribbean will see a carpet of coral with a lot of picky eaters flora colors.

Tour Details

Approximately 60 feet (18 meters )
One day from 6:00 AM to 2:00 PM
It includes
Boat, Underwater guide , two dives , full equipment, lunch .


It is recommended to get to the beach the day before diving to rest.

6:00 am: Breakfast

7:30 am: We're heading to the diving operation to check the sizes of equipment and evacuate any doubt

8:30 am: Begin the tour boat about 30 minutes

9:00 am: First dive

10:00 am: Back to the Beach

11:00 am: Rest and lunch

12:00 am : Second dive

1:30 am: We begin the journey back to the beach

Additional Information

It has always been said that the Caribbean is the perfect area to relax. This is absolutely true, both outside and inside the water !

The soil in the Caribbean is formed by huge coral carpet over time have been covering the stones. There are parts where you can clearly see the division of layers caused by the earthquake in Costa Rica with its epicenter in Limon in 1990. Putting a lot of attention is also possible to see wrecks , it really is difficult to appreciate , as the coral he has covered completely.

Sporadic see a nurse shark medium size but in this beautiful area no larger fish are observed . If you can enjoy watching lobsters of all sizes, exotic lion fish, crabs, marine flora of whimsical sizes , colors and shapes , among others.

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