Scuba Diving Knife Aqua Lung Argonaut TI – Point

The Argonaut is one of the best and toughest knives.

The blade is 7.7 cm long and the handle is 10.1 cm.

The butt, handle, hilt and blade are all fashioned out of one piece of 4 mm thick 420 Stainless Steel. Then coated in black titanium, sharpened and laser etched.

The handle is then wrapped, twice, in 5 mm paracord and tied off with a 12.7 cm leash. The 2 mm thick plastic is then heated and thermoformed around the knife to make the sheath.

Comes to a blunt chisel like tip. One full side of the blade is die cut with rounded serrations.

Comes with belt loop webbing extension and BC mounting hardware
Available Sizes
One Size
Available Colors
₡ 73 450

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