In the late 70's William Beard and Mario Vargas founded the company " Bear & Vargas SA " , located 50 meters north of More X Less in San Pedro de Montes de Oca , same location where today we encounter . Mr. Beard , born in Florida , USA , was the first instructor who taught and certified diving courses in Costa Rica. Presently he is living in his native Florida and continues to teach diving. In 1985 Mario Vargas decided to become independent and sold his share of the company. It is worth mentioning that Mr. Vargas was certified in 1988 as a diving instructor and became the first Costa Rican instructor of the sport. For many years he served as such since the late 80's has been dedicated to underwater video and photographs. The person Mario Vargas sold his shares was Eduardo Gutierrez Pimentel , an economist , certified public accountant and business manager . It was in that year that Marielos Morua Gutiérrez , his eldest daughter , began to work for the fledgling company to the public but with no knowledge about any topic having to do with diving . This feature was Don Eduardo Gutiérrez and all the first time entered Waterworld (). In 1988 Mr. Beard sells its share to Eduardo Gutierrez and since then diving school shop aquatic world has belonged 100% to the Gutierrez family .  

In 1992 Mayra Gutiérrez became the first Costa Rican woman diving instructor , task easy, as he had to fight hard against a system to a male who did not want to give you the opportunity to serve as leader in diving. Don Eduardo gave soul, heart and life until his death in 2005 , at which time the company passed into the hands of their children, Marielos, Eduardo, Marta, Alejandra and Mayra Gutiérrez Morúa. Currently the company is in charge of the instructor Mayra Gutierre Morua and his daughter Daniela Gutierrez Solano, which with much love and passion continue what his father and grandfather inherited many years ago. Family businesses are never easy 've had moments where decisions are not unanimous , we had moments of pain as the departure of our father and grandfather, but we've always been together , supporting and loving each other as family, to the best of us, so that next to God, our " Papayayo " proud of our steps . In our archives we keep as treasures photographs and documents of the thousands of students who have certified since then to date. Among these thousands have several who began their learning diving aquatic world and that through the years have worked as instructors , leading diving, marine biologists and other careers within which is essential to know the seabed.  


Provide unforgettable experiences to our clients in a fun and safe way, to create awareness of the state of our oceans and the need to preserve marine species, provided by personnel with an attitude of service, continuous improvement and leadership based on our values, principles of ethics and professionalism.


Raise awareness of the impact we have on the oceans, under the motto "We only take experiences with us and we just leave bubbles."

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Our team

Federico Calvo Gutiérrez


As a child, Fede really liked to look through the viewfinder of those analog cameras.

Carlos Neto Matas

PADI Scuba Diving Instructor

I consider myself a pleasant, calm, cheerful, decisive person, with initiative, willing to work and without losing my smile.
I adapt easily to different work environments and work well in a team.

Always looking for new goals.

Simón Cespedes Gutiérrez

Logistics and Management

Say is a very happy person who loves to help clients in any way he can.

Sauvignon Blanc

Security Boss

Sauvi always comes out to say hello, especially if you have some cookies.

Susan Flores Fonseca

Administrative Assistant

Susan is part of our logistical and administrative team at Mundo Acuático. She is an empathetic and efficient person who does not hesitate to provide quality care. She loves spending family days near the sea

Mayra Gutiérrez Morúa

NAUI Scuba Diving Instructor

Mayrita is the First Woman Diving Instructor in Costa Rica, more than 25 years as an instructor, prove that she is the most experienced instructor in Costa Rica.

Daniela Solano Gutiérrez


Daniela is an expert in business, taxes, costing and marketing, so she follows the steps of her grandfather Eduardo, the founder of Mundo Acuático.

Certifications demonstrate our commitment to excellence and safety while diving

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“The experience and teaching ability of instructors , service and goodwill of the guides , quality tours and atmosphere of cordiality and respect that characterize groups have been a very rewarding experience.”

Susana Speraza Morera – Advanced Diver NAUI

Mundo Acuático also organizes diving tours beautiful corners of Costa Rica, México , Panamá, Nicaragua and Honduras.