Scuba Diving Light UK C8 Rechargeable eLED

UK has upgraded one of its classic lights to a new L2 version capable of generating 1200 lumens.
This rechargeable light is one of the brightest and most reliable dive lights on the market. A dual power mode that easily switches from high to low helps conserve battery power when not in use.

Lamp: eLED
Usage time: 3 hours. (high) / 5.3 hrs. (under)
Batteries: Alkaline NiMH Rechargeable (included)
Weight: 1000g/1.02kg
Lumens: 1200 (high) / 560 (low)
1 year warranty
Depth: 500.00ft / 150m

Also available in battery version
Available Sizes
One Size
Available Colors
Black - Yellow
₡ 180 800

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