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Cocos Island Tour, Puntarenas, Costa Rica

Cocos Island is located 532 kms of Costa Rica’s Pacific coast. It is a district of the Canton of Puntarenas. It has an area of 23.8 km2 and is inhabited only by guadaparques of the MINAET .
It was discovered in 1526 by the Spanish Juan Cabezas. During the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries this was a heaven for pirates and privateers. According to the legends, priceless treasures are hidden there and actually, there have been more than 500 expeditions to the island.

Since 1978 it was declared a National Park, and in 1997 Unesco declared it a Natural Site of Humanity. In 2002 it was also declared as an architectural heritage, because of its historical and cultural value.

In 2008 the island was also selected as a finalist in the “Seven Natural Wonders of the World” contest.

The French explorer and researcher Jacques -Yves Cousteau said Cocos Island is the most beautiful Island in the world. And it certainly is!

For most people who have visited this paradise, the treasure is the island itself and the underwater wonders and submarine life that only divers who has been there can describe.

Come visit this wonder and dive its rich waters with us!

Tour Details

About 60 to 120 feet (18 meters - 35 meters )
This tour lasts ten days.
It includes

Water transport on the ship Okeanos
Lodging on board for 10 days
23 dives
All food and drinks included


We are to meet in the offices of Mundo Acuático at 10 am to leave for Puntarenas, where we take the boat .

We reach Cocos Island 36 hours later.

The following 7 days will be enjoying diving and delicious international dishes, prepared every day  by our chef.

On the eighth day we will  return to Puntarenas.

Additional Information

To make this unforgettable trip is necessary to be well prepared in advance, since the agenda for the following ten days through this adventure will be just diving, eating and resting.

In some parts of the island there si some internet access, but it is very limited. In addition, there are no restaurants, shops or any other business that distracts us from diving.

It is true that diving in Coco’s Island is like touching Paradise with your bare hands, and besides the marvelous diving  part, this is also a great mental therapy .

The diver must have his personal diving equipment and computer.

Diving in Coco’s Island is one fo the best diving experiences you can get on this planet. After 38 years in the market we have not yet met anyone who has been disappointed by this trip.


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