Advanced Scuba Diver

Advanced Scuba Diver

This course is ideal for those wishing to expand their knowledge and experience in diving. It is required to be Open Water diver to receive it.

Although the standards allow it to be received immediately after the course certified Open Water Diving School Shop Water World S.A. recommends having some dives apart from the basic course for students to reach this activity with more calm , comfort and safety .

The Advanced course requires no theoretical lessons in San Jose. It is usually met with a night dive and one deep . The rest of the dives depend on the needs of the student and / or the location where given. These dives can be: diving in confined spaces, dive recovery of an object, using compass, guidance through natural aids , among others.

The course is taught to groups of at least 4 students .

Course Details

US $440
It includes
- Original book

- Lessons

- Five dives

- Boat

- Snacks

- Complete equipment during the course

- International license


Day 1, 2 and 3:
Lessons and exam.

Day 4:
Two boat dives out of Playas del Coco, Guanacaste beginning at 8:00 am, leaving these at about noon , we took a break and had lunch.

At 3:00 pm we have a lesson to give details of night diving.

At 5:30 pm we will be entering the boat to dive as fall day.

Day 5:
We are in Playa Ocotal at 8:00 am for testing using compass on the surface. They were then shown the underwater journey that must be made with this device. After this dive students entering the water again to find a hidden and out afloat by lift bags object.

When all have practiced they will proceed to enter back into the water to make a dive that they have planned in advance. This dive is planned and carried out by students and includes buddy system , signage , marine life, kind of background and all underage required to have a safe dive . This session ends around noon.

Additional Information

The day after the last diving licenses are processed , they will be given up to three weeks they must be processed in the United States. If you need to dive before they get licenses , your instructor will be given a provisional license.

Once certified will be kept in the database to continue participating in the sport. Store Aquatic world Diving School conducts tours to different places inside and outside the country , among which Guanacaste , Limón , Panama , Nicaragua , Honduras , Mexico , Belize, among others.

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