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Del Caño Island, South Pacific. Costa Rica.

Island of the Caño is a small island about 20 km from Bahia Drake. It is part of the Pacific Ocean of Costa Rica, west of the Osa Peninsula .

It was declared a national park and protected area, with a permanent ranger station on the island. It is a popular tourist destination , attracting visitors for its beaches, coral reefs and marine life.

Researchers currently use coral beds to study the factors surrounding the death of the coral and the process of recolonization. Marine life includes manta rays, dolphins , sea turtles, octopuses , lobsters , grouper fish, sharks , whales, eels and a variety of fish.

Island of the Caño is an exquisite place to enjoy diving and snorkeling. It is an hour from Playa Dominical . For its water color, seabed and species it has quite compared to Cocos Island .

Tour Details

Approximately 60 feet (18 meters )
One day from 8:00 am to 2:00 pm
It includes
Underwater guide
Two dives
Complete team
Tax diving on the island


It is recommended to get to the beach the day before diving to rest.

6:00 AM: Breakfast

7:00 AM: We're heading to the diving operation to check the sizes of equipment and evacuate any doubt .

8:00 AM: We start the boat trip to Caño Island . After an hour of browsing are likely to see turtles and dolphins reach the island.

9:00 AM: First dive

10:00 AM: Break

11:00 AM: Second dive

12:00 pm : Lunch

1:00 PM : We begin the journey back to the beach

Additional Information

Island of the caño diving has several points of interest such as Anchor , boat or Low Devil.

Overall low diving are composed of large stones isolated with lots of marine life around them. Visibility is quite good and the water color is blue . Sometimes you can feel currents and thermocline but neither threatens the security of the diver.

If we in the boat people who do not dive but want to be in the water, we provide life jackets and a guide to accompany them to snorkeling to feel comfortable .

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