21 Jan 2021

Isla del Caño: a historical legacy and a diving paradise

One cannot talk about the beautiful Caño Island without mentioning its extraordinary archaeological value. At the Osa peninsula there are many pre-Columbian stone spheres. These stones have caught the attention of scientists, archaeologists, astrologers and esoterists, among others. There are several theories about the arrival of these pre-Columbian spheres, in the area.  which gives them […]

26 Nov 2020

Swimming: So much more than a sport!

Swimming began as a sport in Britain in the late 18th century, but it was already practiced during prehistory according to some paintings, dating back to the Stone Age 7,000 years ago. Swimming has always been an elite sport. It was born into wealthy families, because, having a good economic condition, they could allocate money […]

18 Nov 2020

First Underwater Cleaning in Costa Rica – 2020

 Collecting non-biodegradable garbage Human beings, over time, have made thousands of discoveries to make life easier:  they have created products made from organic materials and Nature has known how to process them. The biodegradation process decomposes the products into their forming chemical elements, thanks to the action of biological agents such as animals, plants, fungi […]

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